young and foolish

(Bodysuit from H&M, studded belt from random Gammel Torv shop, shoes from Friis&co., vintage jacket and belt from Croute de Cuir)
You know, you could die any minute so you should live your life right now, right here. I'm only saying this because I've been partying non-stop since Thursday, and my excuse is 'I'm just living my life' which is totally ridiculous. I'm just acting young and foolish, and the only reason for it's okay IS because I'm young and extremely foolish. So all my ladies if you feel me come on do it do it whip your hair.


AnjaPN said...

Loving the suit!!

LINDHO said...

Thank you, it's very comfy :)

4everjoyful said...

HaLLI HAllo!
SÅ fandt jeg dig/jer herinde også:-) Skal lige vænne mig til at have / bruge blog. SUPER fede fotos!!!! Og FEDT outfit, som nævnt på sg :-)
Glæder mig til at se, hvad i ellers finder på!
Kærlig hilsen

Charleston said...

beautiful outfit