Me and my friend Cecilie enjoying coffee, cupcakes and the sun.
- Nilla


double up

(shirt from mens H&M, vintage Levi's cutoffs and shoes from Vagabond)
Happy easter everyone!



(jacket: Gina Tricot. Sunglasses, earrings and skirt: H&M. Top: Monki. Bra: Urban Outfitters. Shoes: NB.)
SPRING SPRING SPRING you can't help loving it! <3
I really love this top from Monki! but that day i got all sunburned and yaeh... now i have a white cross on my back ...
- Nilla <3 <3



(black sweatshirt from H&M, vintage jeans jacket, H&M earrings, Topshop leather buckle shoes, H&M striped jeans, vintage white tank top and H&M black bra-top)
Oh baby boo it's god damn summer!!!! I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I fell pretty and witty and gaaaaay, and I pity any girl who isn't me today!


Julie and I enjoyed dinner together the other day. it was GREAT seeing her 'cause it's been waaaay to long... almost a year! damn time flies! anyway! I love you Julie! <3
- Nilla


Thursday fun

Here's a little story about me and my friend's trip to Kongens Have/King's Garden.
It was such a beautiful sunny weather, and many people was gathered in the garden to chill...

But my friend and I was a bit hung over, and had brought a delicious little brunch with us consisted of tomato/feta/mozzarella salad, scrambled eggs, bacon, bread, croissants and beer...

We had bicycled to the garden, because as I said, the weather was lovely!

Oh yeah, and so had the rest of the people in the garden...

But soon something bad happened. My friend suddenly yelled, no actually she whispered: ,,Oh my fuck*ng god, that woman is totally giving the man the finger!!'' - and we were both totally surprised...

Then I had to much to drink, got really happy and started taking pictures of my friend's boobies! Yay!

Hope you had a fun day too out in the sun!

Ming Ming


Got my hair cut today : D
- Nilla


Tuesday brunch, that ended up with some shopping and Coca cola in the sun <3

- Nilla <3


"And after i drowned in a bottle of wine i just pretended you were mine 'cause boy you're so, so fine"

HI Guys!
i've been looking so much forward to today! i'm going to see Pirates of the caribbean 4!
And btw this week i bought these 2 GREAT albums!!

Electro Swing is a awesome mix of well yeah electro swing :p
And The Emma acs album is just lovely! <3
Enjoy your sunday everyone!
L O V E from Nilla <3


Blue Skies

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend! i had<3 <3
I woke up early saturday and went to see a movie with my mamma. We saw Mao Last Dancer, it was AMEZING! i've never seen anything like it! GO SEE IT! i met up with Katrina and we went looking for a dress, and found a LOVELY ONE!
Later on joined Sofie and Muffe us ( and Crys for a while) we spend the afternoon/evening chilling, talking, drinking coffee, had dinner, and enjoyed some delicious drinks!



Sunny Afternoon

My saturday was spend with my best girl Karoline. I love you! <3
hope everyone is having a great week!
- Nilla