Something real exciting is going down to night!!!! I'm modelling for the brand Gilda Hayes!
The fur cape i'm wearing in this post http://lindhoblog.blogspot.com/2011/02/black-lace-fur.html
is by Gilda Hayes.
Wish me good luck!



I was at the library to pick up some books, and suddenly I see a little photo book with Annie Leibovitz's photo serie Stardust. I picked it up, and my god Annie has some crazy ideas. Huge inspiration, I think.
From left to right: Whoopi Goldberg 1984, Jennifer Miller 1996, Patti Smith 1978, John Lennon and Yoko Ono 1980, Louis Armstrong 1971 and Teresa Edwards 1996. Under is Keith Haring 1986, and under that is Rihanna in her music video 'Rude Boy', where you can see a very clear resemblance.


tourist in your own city

My friend and I had planned a little touristy day and started the day off in the tourist information centre...

On our way to Rådhuspladsen (City Hall Square), we made a little stop at Tivoli...

At Rådhuspladsen (City Hall Square), I ran into a lot of pigeons

and said hello to a homeless guy

and then we went into Rådhuset (City Hall)

but it was very boring, so we quickly moved on

we met Hans Christian Andersen on our way to Nationalmuseet (National Museum)

in Nationalmuseet (National Museum) there was interesting stuff

and at last we saw Hercules and lady

and said goodbye to the museum

(I'm wearing mom's old green pants, old black knit, Benetton grey knit, diy studded shirt, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, mom's old dalmatian scarf, H&M black jacket, vintage jeans jacket and Spongebob bag from Tokyo)
(Claire is wearing jacket and scarf from VeroModa, black dress and green belt from ASOS, blazer from H&M, ring from Claire's and shoes from Dope)



Hi Guys. here's some pictures from my friday Night. I went out with some of my friends to this place called Retro. seriously it's been so long seens i've had such a great Time!

Beatiful Katrina Was There

Crys and Sofie

Crys and I made funny faces, while muffe looked cute in the background!

Sofie and Muffe posed with the weird painting

we had strawberry flavored shots

We laughed

And after ALOT of dancing, we ended the night at Burger King.
Pictures by Sofie Svitzer Lyngbye
- Nilla

Michael Jordan

(grey sweat shirt from H&M, vintage jeans jacket, vintage Michael Jordan shirt, diy studded shirt, long black skirt from H&M, vintage belt and shoes from Jeffrey Campbell)
This is definitely my favorite shirt of all time. I think it's so epic fantastic! I'm happy, that's all.


very bored...

(vintage ugly shoes, Miss Sixty jeans, vintage black knit and H&M head warmer)
Just finished 'Catcher in the Rye' for the 12th time, now I'm reading 'In the Road' for the 12th time. I'm very bored...


Latte and Sneaks

Went out with my good friend Sofia today, to help her find some nice sneaks. We found these super cool "retro yellow" NB! Later on we had some Chai Latte and cappuccino. What a lovely afternoon! (sorry for crappy IPhones pictures)

(Jacket and sunglasses belongs to my sister, jacket from Topshop and sunglasses unknown? black sweater used to be my mothers. pants: Cheap monday. shoes: New Balance. Hat: second hand. Earrings: accessorize. bag: beyond retro)
Simple daily outfit.
- Nilla

Happy Valentine's Day

I arrived in Paris and I met you. We drove around on your scooter and you took me to all your secret places in Paris. We made love, and you said you loved me and wanted to marry me. I opened up for you, I let you in my heart. We bought baguettes and camembert cheese because I wanted to feel french. You let me taste your family's wine, and I fell in love with you. You met my friends and they liked you, we discussed about ''On the Road'' and settled with ,,we agree to disagree''. We watched ''Two days in Paris'' with french subtitles, and you translated all the french parts to me. I loved you, but we are two worlds apart. I've let you go and you've let me go. Our lives have continued, but our summer in Paris will always stay.


I've Got A New Balance

Bought these super sweet New Balance sneaks yesterday. wow they are SO comfy and i'm sure that i'm gonna wear these babies ALOT! hope everyone are having a great weekend. i'm REAALLLY busy this weekend with alot of family stuff. kisses all around!
- Nilla


Jailhouse Rock

Pictures from last weekends Rockabilly party. it was so much fun. I really had a great time!
Photos by Thorbjørn Fessel.
- Nilla

All You Need

Ming Ming and I went out with some good friends from our school some days ago. how sweet time feels when your with people you really care for. (hehe I know that I (nilla) look really awkward haha, but check out my new earrings! gonna show you better pictures of them ofc. )