(sunglasses: H&M. Dress: Monki. earrings: Urban outfitters. shoes: Billi bi)
Really not that much to say about this outfit other than i love black dresses and i love the earrings i'm wearing! AND i know I wear these Billi bi shoes like all the time... I just can't help it, i simply love them! <3
Looking so much forward to this weekend because i'm going to a ROCKABILLY birthday party! it's gonna be awesome! (gonna post pictures ofc.!) maybe i'll do a Rockabilly inspiration board and show you guys! L O V E
- Nilla


Amalie S. D. said...

Love the shoes! Amazing outfit, xxx.

J.J. said...

wow I was so going to take rockabilly classes...but I chicken'd out. couldn't find the perfect 50s skirt.