"And after i drowned in a bottle of wine i just pretended you were mine 'cause boy you're so, so fine"

HI Guys!
i've been looking so much forward to today! i'm going to see Pirates of the caribbean 4!
And btw this week i bought these 2 GREAT albums!!

Electro Swing is a awesome mix of well yeah electro swing :p
And The Emma acs album is just lovely! <3
Enjoy your sunday everyone!
L O V E from Nilla <3


Laura Natalie said...

so beatiful :)

and why the hell we dont have the pirates already here?? :X

LINDHO said...

Thanks! i can only say the same about you :)

HAHAHAHAHA! omg my friend and I had the wrong date! so we didn't see it, but about a month from now we will :P