Guess what?!

Oh yeah, by the way I got a tattoo yesterday. It says ''even though badly bruised''

The snow were just melting away, and tonight there's gonna be a freaking snowstorm in Denmark. Damn it! Anyway, enjoying my vacation a lot. I've got a meeting today about my birthday party which is coming up in about 10 days.

(sweatshirt from H&M man, t-shirt from Marc by Marc Jacobs, necklace from Gina Tricot sale, lipstick from MaxFactor color 56)


BRUUN by BRUUN said...

Such a cool tattoo ;-)
Skal selv af sted - har 3 stk jeg skal have lavet . . . Gisp !


LINDHO said...

Man skal sgu passe på. Når man er først er kommet i gang bliver man hurtig afhængig. Jeg har også planlagt et par stykker til.